Jonas Ohlsson in Detroit

Hello all!

I have now been in Detroit for about a week, it is strange and beautiful.
It is a mixture of Chernobyl and energy, people coming back to start again,
as local legend Larry Mongo said…Berlin was also bombed, but cities come back
and it is people who rebuild them.
The first week has been mega hectic, the two curators who invited us, Luc Janssen and Bart Witte
wanted us to meet all the people they have gotten to know during the three years that they have been active here.
Which resulted in early mornings and late nights, filled with meetings, dinners, lunches, bbqs and beers.
Now we are totally exhausted, we is me and Chris Meighan (the other artist who was invited).
Another set of meetings will start now, since Steven van Tesseling just arrived from Fonds BKVB.
Together with him we will do another round of tours, so… I am planning for Chicago, but the dust have to settle here first,
so realistically I think I could come to Chicago at the earliest, about two weeks from now or beginning July.
So what would be suitable for you people and is there anything nice happening around that time.
I think I would come for a weekend or something like that, and then we will see from there.
There is a lot to be done in Detroit, so I don’t know if it is possible for me to come more than once.
we will see.
But let me know when it would be suitable for you and then we set something up.
If you want to see some short films about Detroit this is ok…
Johhny Knoxville-“Detroit Lives” (3 times 10 minutes)
The locals here didn’t like the films because too many outsider hipsters were interviewed,
meaning New York people who come to Detroit for the cheap rent and who weren’t here when it mattered/Hurt…
There is a LOT of this kind of local pride (I know it from Bijlmer), people who have been given bad press for decades
just don’t trust outsiders very much, understandable…but there is also a limit to the charm of…
“I lived here since 1972 and in those days…bla bla bla” be it Bijlmer, Detroit or any other place.
Sex Pistols docu film maker Julian Temple also shot this recent classic…
“Requiem for Detroit” (1 hour)
According to the locals just more of the “Ruin Porn”…that they’re already super tired of.
The Detroit people are getting tired of more and more European tourists who wants to break in into
empty factories and take photos…but that doesn’t stop it from being TOTALLY unique in a western context.
A major city losing half its population and a wasteland of deserted buildings downtown.
Just like Americans will never stop to marvel at the fact that you can buy ganja in coffeshops in Amsterdam

Europeans will continue taking photos of Ruin Porn in Detroit.

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