Have a good sleep, take care, and remember a guy loves you who’s name is:

dear Rune,

Where? How to begin? How are you?

Its 6pm on Wednesday evening, it’s 82 degrees warm, I am sitting at my desk with a bottle of Belgian Beer, and NPR Alls things considered is on the radio. I am in my office in the back of the house and the sound of the radio comes from the Kitchen.

We found the following writing today in a small margarine cardboard box. There was this one and many more. Writing to and from the former owner of this house we now live in on Iowa Street in the Ukrainian neighbourhood on the west side of Chicago. The former owner lived here in this house, in Chicago, and was dutch.

..and I am wondering if I can reach you in your sleep. Just want to say that; I am still in love with you, and am hoping one day to regain the love, and respect, plus confidence, that you once had for me. To me the one thing is that; I am too deep in my work, and let my cares come second. I dont know why I am so dumb. Please excuse me. Know something; I know now that you’re a part of me, and i want it that way…

…There are so many things I want to say to you I’m not sure where to start..have a good sleep, and take care..

Judd and Mark


One Comment on “Have a good sleep, take care, and remember a guy loves you who’s name is:”

  1. Rune Peitersen says:

    Dear Judd and Mark,

    Judging by the photos the letters seem to be dated around 1960, sent from different cities. Can you make out a Dutch address? Perhaps I could see if I could find the home of the sender of the letters….somehow that would reassure me, I think. I would have something to bring with me to Chicago, a follow-up to a conversation that took place 50 years ago. Or maybe I’m just rambling now…I need to find myself a Belgian beer before I go to sleep…

    Thanks, send more letters and see you soon,

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