“You’ll Never Walk Alone”

Hi Harold,

Perhaps I misunderstood your intention, and perhaps that was a good thing. I probably needed something to derail my thought process in order to get going with our mutual blog entries. For two days I was struggling to creatively write something as a response to your abstracted photos. Somehow they reminded me of…

I just got the idea of trying to recreate the chain of thoughts that lead up to the creation of a work. And perhaps this will also help me choose which work to show in Chicago… I decided to trace my steps backwards through the notes and pictures that I gathered leading up to shooting “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in the Spanish Tabernas Desert together with my dad. In his early teens my dad was diagnosed with Crohn’s, a disease of which the doctors knew very little back then.

Crohn’s disease is thought to be an autoimmune disease, in which the body’s immune system attacks the gastrointestinal tract causing inflammation. It is thought to have a large environmental component as evidenced by a higher incidence in western industrialized nations compared to other parts of the world. (source: Wikipedia)

Your pictures reminded me of certain pictures that I was collecting while circling the subject of my father’s illness. Around this time I also decided that it was necessary that he should confront himself, visually, in order to illustrate the physical inner conflict of having his organs pretty much rejecting their own shell.

The pictures that you sent me made me think of the Crohn’s x-rays, but through their chemical alterations they also suggested mental landscapes, rather than physical ones. Is this something that you can elaborate on?

Greetings from a sunny Amsterdam!



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