theres a fella here in Chicago waiting for you whose name is Candy

Begin forwarded message:

From: Judd Morrissey <>
Date: August 2, 2011 2:16:33 PM CDT
To: Rune Peitersen <>
Cc: mark jeffery <>
Subject: 41.789231, -87.618029 (Hollywood Tailors)


There’s a fellow love high on the periode aan

an image is a mystery
just a linen converted to unnamed number
unsmoothed road to the task

It would like to see the secret base that race of itself
into an unseen fate, a day, and different jobs, etc;
for I can’t have complications, and I am still on view.
Last year’s praying to god about Jew’s ever coming apart —
that home it is the othered road the heavy colors of picture – or, if it is.

Lillian’s Chicken share two colors, and different colors of people like us worked both races

and night for it

and possibly answered me

just a awful lot of you

and I hope it will learn
to mix

Why your linen. It is too the two of us

just as she can always get an image and is sistery

walking down the block



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