getting more color in your pretty face

From: Judd Morrissey <>
Date: August 3, 2011 8:41:52 PM CDT
To: Rune Peitersen <>
Cc: mark jeffery <>
Subject: 51.4133682, 5.417976


Saccadic Sightings
and the perception of the name
house the pattern
huis is in the other
the secret base
trying to see just a awful lot of us.

The spotlight in you is praying to travel
Martien has decided problems

Let’s keep the name is,

would you to teach there
ever tear apart what the coachman house
(if studentenhuis, De Gender god above.)

I feel two disciplines in what it is or if and who had to travel, but it..

If these we create meaning?
To further in our dezit came

Trying that is: I can alway get home
and put another lesson.

xmas in chicago

8 hours of rest


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