It’s 5:30 am sunday morning and who will take control of my class or means to “see”

Dear Liz:

It would be wrong to say I do not love you and more than ever would like to share the spotlight in your lifetime, but i realize that along the ways of life there are complications, and an unsmoothed road to travel, but I had put those things on a shelf, until the day and time when they would confront me.
About the mixture of our blood: This is the first time I knew that there are two colors, and one is redder than the other, and just for the love that’s in it, someday I’ll try mixing some to see just what wil happen, and who’s bad, and who’s good, and who had the heavy color blood, then when it’s over, I do the same thing man has been doing all of his life: FIND THE WOMAN THAT I WANT AND TELL HER THAT I AM WAITING FOR HER.
The children, well they will have to accept the human race and its one-sided problems, just as we have been doing ever since we found out that race is a matter of opinion, and it is the heart who will control, and adjust the ways of life. It is the parent who will have to teach the kids the true love of living, not the different colors on earth.
If this isn’t true then my brothers and sisters are a misfit family, who are part Jews, and part Canadian, and who can blame for this, noone. Personally, I think it is a wonderful thing as I am living between three different colors of people.
I am trying to set the pattern for the next fella who will learn to love you just as I did, and I hope that just when things are really doing swell, he will have to surrender you to an unseen fate.
I forced myself onto a girl who was neither of my class or of thinking about ever coming in contact with me, and I am so sorry that love has done this to the two of us.
I will always want a part of you no matter how small and maybe someday when you and you alone have decided we should mix, just pass me the word, or if you live anywhere near me, just give me that same old smile that I’ve always known and noone will have to tell me that my Liz has decided to keep the name candy and have come back for good and if this is true then that race or this race of people no matter how large or small can never tear apart what we have put together under god above.
Just remember, a fella loves you who calls himself:
Ole Yank Stone.


class blood

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