-waiting for the first skype meeting…

I’m usually not that shy for words, but these poems literally leave me speechless. I have no idea how to respond to them. I know where they come from, some of the words I recognize or have even found online, but still, how does one respond to computer-poetry?
The images and scanned letters are part of an old love story, or perhaps several love stories. I’m becoming addicted and I’m puzzled by finding the same longing in the non-human poems as I read in the letters from all too human humans. Do I read my own longings into both the letters and poems? And, if so, how come they’re triggered with such accuracy by the intimate writings of people I never knew and algorithmic generators? And even more strange: If I had never been introduced to Mark and Judd, I would’ve never read any of this. But what if I had been coupled with someone else, or Lise had moved to Russia instead of Chicago; would I be reading the same emotions into someone else’ work, recognizing the same longings? In other words, am I only being confronted with myself, screaming in the solipsistic void, or do Mark and Judd really exist?

In 15 minutes I’ll know more.

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