Adelheid Mers – Saskia Janssen & George Korsmit

Images ideas for show Saskia Janssen:

Ideas for neon yin yang sign Adelheid/Saskia:

We send you an idea-sketch-proposal for the appointment with the
 neon workshop : We take some of the 'drunk' yin yang drawings as a basis
 for a neon. The drawings are flat,but we thought to 'pull up' the drawing
 in the air to a 3d model, to make them more sculptural, standing on their
 own.In the attachment is a drawing sketch1> for example point A goes up
 and point B goes down.Actually just like the red wire example aside the
 drawing.( = red wire is of course not the same shape)It could be nice to
 make a few that could be put together, as in the other attachment.
 sketch2The neons then can sit on the floor in a sort of knot of yin
 yangs,size depends from possibilities in the workshop, amount of dollars
 andthe space we can show this piece. In general, apart from all, 70 cm
 width would be a great size but I have no idea how affordable this all
 is.Each yin yang could be a different color. We can choose from the
 drawings, this drawing is just an example.What do you think ?all the best
 & speak later, Saskia + George


Images works Saskia:

Images work George Korsmit:

June 2, 2011

Adelheid and Saskia in Dusseldorf discussing ideas for their collaboration and  talking about transforming the Yin Yang logo into a Mutualisms logo based on the images created by people that were asked to draw the symbol from memory

June 2, 2011, Meeting Adelheid and Saskia in Düsseldorf

ideas for exhibition


Quantum mechanics is not just about teeny particles. It applies to things of all sizes: birds, plants, maybe even people

By Vlatko Vedral


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