Kama Sutra and Muscle Memory

Here are some general ideas about art from other blogs that I stand by…

Kama Sutra theory vs actually FUCKING!!!

I totally agree with this statement and general attitude of my brotherman Chris in his blog below….

“And if you don’t make things, you don’t understand shit about what life is all about. Well, that’s how I see it, at least.”

I am also making drawings again, and it feels so GOOD!
Some Rietveld student said that another teacher had said (don’t know who)

“There is no art without some kind of craft or skill connected to it”
Even thinking has a system connected to it that you can “get better” at.

But to involve your BODY and sweat into your practise is SOOOO important, there is so much knowledge & wisdom hidden in there.

The Americans talk about “muscle memory”, meaning the skills to drive cars or play tennis, or bike around. For you to get good at those things, knowledge HAS to move from the brain to the muscles.

It is something that interests me enormously and is often why I think purely conceptual art is often missing a certain type of (body) wisdom.


By the way…is Arnon Grunberg a good writer, isn’t he just a good thinker, or is that something else…I guess it is?
I guess you could be a good speaker (Obama). It doesn’t automatically make you a good writer. Can you trust DJs who can’t or even worse WON”T dance???!!! I don’t think so.

Could you become a good lover by just studying Kama Sutra theory?

“Performing the Social” is a especially apt title to this text!
Is that blues code speak for “the old in & out”?

Jonas – Selina


To Iris and Carol

Love the music, especially Herbie Hancock and the calypso singer called Lil Lois Farrakhan.
But nothing younger than the 70′s why is that?

Are these post from both of you or mostly from Iris, if it was Iris I would like to ask, why
only old?

I am a big fan of your work and could also see a link to the art you make, also seems
to hoover around the 70′s…Black Panthers, afro’s and so on…

and I just watched Woody Allens “Midnight in Paris”, which I guess had the message
“watch out for nostalgia, there might be hot chicks (or guys in your case) right in front of you selling you cole porter records that you forget about, when you go after memories of times, women and artists long gone”.

There is of course a certain amount of safety in nostalgia.

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sound cloud

Hello People!

Hello People!

I will try to post a soundcloud link about a very special Chicago phenomena.
Footwork or JUKE…it is a very nice, weird and experimental music style and also
a way of dancing, I have gotten a lot o fenergie sout of this lately.
Hope you like it…AND IF u get the chance to see the little genious DJ Rashad
do it for me and report back….Traxman & DJ Spinn would also be good.
Missed them playing there on the 22 of July…jajajaja

ok let see how this works…I blogg on 3 other sites as we speak and they ALL work
differently, I will try the 3 different ways I know…


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