it’s time that I get to work so please look out for candy

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> Date: August 1, 2011 8:37:43 PM CDT
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> Rune
> I don’t mind loosing the 20ste
> eeuw brak een nieuwe building in 1958
> It is the first bouwd naar een student it.
> het gekregen door has been converted
> in de dag van Ooije
> (naar een thre are a mystery)
> (815 pm)
> Lillian’s Chicken shack
> 946 east 63rd street
> 41.789231, -87.601790
> Ole Yank Stone

At the Garden



my love goes with you

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Date: July 31, 2011 1:36:56 PM CDT
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Subject: 51.4133682, 5.417976


There’s a studentenhuis.

Remember: once you hinted to keep the name a new periode aan.

in 1954 het koetsiershuis
In 1954 het fabriek omgebouwd door

Het was voordeliger en beter between th

The Genderhorst heeft het verkozen
boven linnen bestand tegen door

En dat is: I can prevent it…

Katoen werd verkozen bove.

intact with a love that is high on that race

a wonderful thing to teach the lady
I forced myself into

This Baron Smits-van Ooijen.

It would be wrong to say I did, and adjust time.

I knew that automobile.

One of my class of: Ole Yank Stone
At the Front Gate

be well and god bless you always

From: Judd Morrissey <>
Date: July 30, 2011 10:55:22 AM CDT
To: Rune Peitersen <>
Cc: mark jeffery <>
Subject: Mutualisms


In de 20st
During the was-methods.
The factory, The Gender

About the ways. I am in a shel.

My brother men of both day and time
given by us as a studentenhuis in gebruik
boven linnen beter bestand

In 1988
het took me an awful lot
op de dag van vandaag nog steeds
een converted into an unseen fate.

a misfit family
remembered me, but it took a new periode aan.

You told me that, for you and I to mix, there would be bad blood
living in part and landhuis,
De Genderstand tegen de nieuwe ways of life.

waiitng outside

bleeding heart

Have a good sleep, take care, and remember a guy loves you who’s name is:

dear Rune,

Where? How to begin? How are you?

Its 6pm on Wednesday evening, it’s 82 degrees warm, I am sitting at my desk with a bottle of Belgian Beer, and NPR Alls things considered is on the radio. I am in my office in the back of the house and the sound of the radio comes from the Kitchen.

We found the following writing today in a small margarine cardboard box. There was this one and many more. Writing to and from the former owner of this house we now live in on Iowa Street in the Ukrainian neighbourhood on the west side of Chicago. The former owner lived here in this house, in Chicago, and was dutch.

..and I am wondering if I can reach you in your sleep. Just want to say that; I am still in love with you, and am hoping one day to regain the love, and respect, plus confidence, that you once had for me. To me the one thing is that; I am too deep in my work, and let my cares come second. I dont know why I am so dumb. Please excuse me. Know something; I know now that you’re a part of me, and i want it that way…

…There are so many things I want to say to you I’m not sure where to start..have a good sleep, and take care..

Judd and Mark