Corporeal as atmosphere

Studies for Yin Yang neon sign

We send you an idea-sketch-proposal for the appointment with the
 neon workshop : We take some of the 'drunk' yin yang drawings as a basis
 for a neon. The drawings are flat,but we thought to 'pull up' the drawing
 in the air to a 3d model, to make them more sculptural, standing on their
 own.In the attachment is a drawing sketch1> for example point A goes up
 and point B goes down.Actually just like the red wire example aside the
 drawing.( = red wire is of course not the same shape)It could be nice to
 make a few that could be put together, as in the other attachment.
 sketch2The neons then can sit on the floor in a sort of knot of yin
 yangs,size depends from possibilities in the workshop, amount of dollars
 andthe space we can show this piece. In general, apart from all, 70 cm
 width would be a great size but I have no idea how affordable this all
 is.Each yin yang could be a different color. We can choose from the
 drawings, this drawing is just an example.What do you think ?all the best
 & speak later, Saskia + George

Flying Cats

You’ll never walk alone

About 10 years ago my dad’s health rapidly deteriorated and he was told that his body couldn’t take being operated on no more. He had always wanted to have tattoos and decide to get inked before it was too late. It was during this time that he changed doctors to get a second opinion, and his new doctor managed to find possibilities where the old one had given up.

The song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” originally from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel and later recorded by Liverpool musicians Gerry & The Pacemakers, is Liverpool FC’s club anthem and has been sung by the Anfield crowd since the early 1960s. It has since gained popularity among fans of other clubs around the world. The song’s title adorns the top of the Shankly Gates, which were unveiled on 2 August 1982 in memory of former manager Bill Shankly. The “You’ll Never Walk Alone” portion of the Shankly Gates is also reproduced on the club’s crest.

The title of my video refers both to the old, blurry Liverpool FC tattoo on my dads’s shoulder and to the fact that your sole permanent companion throughout life is also quite possibly your worst enemy; yourself.


to Jonas from Carol


Why 70’s?  The music I included in the 1st group of singles posted is
from the late 40’s through the 80’s.  Nothing more recent than that was
included because of possible copyright issues and those wouldn’t nec.
be legal, but more about being rude to friends in the music ‘scene’

Nothing earlier because subsequent posts are scheduled to include those

Thanks for the Cautionary Tale via Hollywood.  But the safety of
nostalgia is found only in its epicenter.  I enjoy roving the borders
of history’s fictitious havens where the potential force is stronger
than a barricaded mob.

Nostalgia is, after all the whore of a failing empire.  Ask Louis

My problem with community art

After Kevin and Kirsten came to visit us in Detroit and we talked about art I wrote this piece
that will be published in Proximity magazine and was published in LA too…

It is called
“My (The) Problem with community art…and why Williiam Burroughs eat Superflex any day of the week”


Kama Sutra and Muscle Memory

Here are some general ideas about art from other blogs that I stand by…

Kama Sutra theory vs actually FUCKING!!!

I totally agree with this statement and general attitude of my brotherman Chris in his blog below….

“And if you don’t make things, you don’t understand shit about what life is all about. Well, that’s how I see it, at least.”

I am also making drawings again, and it feels so GOOD!
Some Rietveld student said that another teacher had said (don’t know who)

“There is no art without some kind of craft or skill connected to it”
Even thinking has a system connected to it that you can “get better” at.

But to involve your BODY and sweat into your practise is SOOOO important, there is so much knowledge & wisdom hidden in there.

The Americans talk about “muscle memory”, meaning the skills to drive cars or play tennis, or bike around. For you to get good at those things, knowledge HAS to move from the brain to the muscles.

It is something that interests me enormously and is often why I think purely conceptual art is often missing a certain type of (body) wisdom.


By the way…is Arnon Grunberg a good writer, isn’t he just a good thinker, or is that something else…I guess it is?
I guess you could be a good speaker (Obama). It doesn’t automatically make you a good writer. Can you trust DJs who can’t or even worse WON”T dance???!!! I don’t think so.

Could you become a good lover by just studying Kama Sutra theory?

“Performing the Social” is a especially apt title to this text!
Is that blues code speak for “the old in & out”?