Trevor Gainer – Maurice Bogaert



were are going to need loads of them….




After our last skype meeting, and a nice new-old school way of sharing pictures, I guess we’re up to our next challenge: how to combine UFO’s, reversed rivers and murder conspiracies in to one collaborative work.


An investigator in 1989 measures markings that some said were left behind by a UFO in Normandy, France. France began releasing its “X-Files” on UFO sightings in 2007.


The Air Force said the control failure lasted just under an hour and posed no threat to the public. “The initial problem was diagnosed and isolated in about 59 minutes,” said Lt. Col. John Thomas, director of public affairs for Air Force Global Strike Command headquarters at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.


Stan Romanek claimed that this still image from a three-minute video he shot in 2003 shows an alien looking into his home in Nebraska. In the film, a strange face appears to be popping up and down outside Romanek’s window.


America’s most infamous UFO case centers in Roswell, N.M. Some people claimed an alien spacecraft crashed there in 1947; the military said it was a weather balloon.


While descending an Austrian mountain in 1954, photographer Erich Kaiser captured an image of what he called mysterious silvery-white flying objects.



there was an old man with a beard

who said “it is just as i feared

two Owls and a Hen

four Larks and a Wren

have all built their

nests in my beard”


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    • kirsten leenaars says:

      Just because the pics with this article are so awesome, I took the liberty of posting these as well…

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